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About Us

Nova City is a destination for those seeking to improve their lifestyle and enjoy luxurious living standard. Nova City is committed to creating master-planned communities that go above and beyond residents’ expectations by offering a luxurious lifestyle enhanced by world-class facilities.  In addition to accredited town planners and architects, team Nova includes educators, leisure specialists, sports specialists, hospitality professionals, health professionals, entertainment experts, and tourism experts, all of whom work together to ensure that you get the most out of life.

Owners & Developers

The Nova City Project is a promising housing plan that is designed to improve the quality of life of residents in Pakistan. There are numerous wonderful facilities that can make your life easier, such as Mosque, Sports Club, Family Park, Community Centre, Gym, Swimming Pool and more. The fundamental concept behind Nova City’s Housing Project is based on the lifestyle of luxury. We have brought all international standards of amenities our project to enhance the lives that Pakistani citizens. There are mosques, gyms and Sports Complexes in every sector. Additionally, there will be equipped hospitals, Nova Schools, Nova Site Offices in various locations, Open Air Gyms, and numerous Security Check Points that make up the overall quality of your life. Your dream home is just a few steps away with all the dreams you have of living the life you want.


The location of Nova City Islamabad is situated at Chakri Road near M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway near Chahan & Mandowal. Nova City interchange also provides the easiest entrance.
The ideal location at Chakri road and direct access from the M-2 motorway interchange makes it the most easily reachable housing society in twin cities. Nova City location map is also easy to understand and reach.

Major Amenities

Grand Mosque

To accommodate religious reasons, the Project Nova City includes a large Mosque. It will allow people worship in peace without worrying about disturbances.


The most prominent feature of Nova City is its exceptional medical management and medical facilities. Health care facilities are designed well.

Education City

Education is vital to kids’ future. The Nova city has created top educational institutions for the future of children.

Financial Square

The people behind Nova City are aware of the preferences of the people and are determined to provide residents the best financial services available.



The Nova City is a highly secure neighborhood with armed guards that is gated and boasts modern security. Developers have given special attention to the security of their residents


It’s one step ahead of other cities in offering essential services to its citizens such as the bus quick transit network (BRT).

Load Shedding Free Environment

If you are a resident of an apartment complex residents will avoid problems with load-shedding since an issue that is not a problem in the Nova City. This City has installed huge generators.


Automatic Traffic Control

The services Nova City provides are numerous. An automated traffic management system that is automated has been installed within the town to make life simpler for the residents.

Commercial and Residential Plots


The amenities of this city that is intelligent it provides its inhabitants with the most modern amenities. Developers and owners work to offer a peaceful and comfortable life to those who reside in the city. Every comfort and need of life is provided to residents from water to gas and healthcare to education. Amazing infrastructure, stunning views tranquil, and peaceful surroundings are the main characteristics of this stunning city. The dependable developers and owners as well the thousands of expert engineers worked hard to create this stunning community, which has an impressive infrastructure and an amazing masterplan. Here are some of the facilities available within Nova City.